Rona Season

Roses are red Violets are blue Corona is bad So don't get the flu Be washing your hands And stock up on cans Don’t gather with people Even at the steeple Stay at your house Be with your spouse Video call friends Or write to them with pens So in conclusion This isn't an illusion Corona is bad It’s not just some fad

It's Better To Just Stay Inside

It’s better to just stay inside Covid-19 The thing causing us to super-clean, The words ring in my ears Because they cause terror and fear They strike up rage in some while in others insanity, Buying all the toilet paper out of vanity, They leave nothing for those who are sane, And actually try to use their brain But this virus doesn’t discriminate All it needs to kill is a weakened immune state, It’ll strike to end young and old, So the most at risk are the ones entering and closest to leaving this world The media tells us to run and hide, That it’s better to just stay inside, They say that safety comes from social distancing But the lack of contact is causing some people's sanity to start dwindling 6 feet apart, that’s the number we’ve been given, Now that puts some in a very awkward position, People are almost treated as if they were zombies, Avoided at every cost, especially if they’re sickly For those who are essential and are stil

A Twisted Truth

A twisted world That was once filled with high spirits Is now filled with a weary lifelessness  Empty streets that months ago held the buzz of a lively city Bright flashing lights, wide-open windows, a solid handshake Morning traffic, a child scrambling to catch her bus. A week flys by, and suddenly, Panic  Loneliness Alarm  A ghastly feeling arises A woman diagnosed with a virus unheard of, Could not cause a man living an entire continent apart To one morning wake up, and report the same dry cough, Could it? A month flies by, and suddenly, Hospital waiting rooms are filled with panic Shelves unstocked An elderlies' last breath  An overwhelmed nurse overworking herself   Feeling distant from her family Physically and emotionally drained Lines on her face from wearing her mask for 9-hour shifts Wrinkles on her palms from the sweat inside her gloves Her hands cracked and dry The anxious patter of a man’s foot Awaiting the re


March 2020 hit us with a bang Suddenly our regular lives were put on hold  All for something we can't even see  Now we are stuck Inside with nothing but our thoughts  Sitting on our beds not knowing what tomorrow looks like  Not knowing what next week looks like or next month It's hard for adults but it's harder for teens Spending hours on end with thoughts as dark as rain clouds  It's hard to be positive when the rest of the world is in panic While everyone is in worry, Covid-19 laughs at us 

We Are Not A Virus

“I’m beginning to be so ******* tired of you CHINKS” “Stomach is turning y'all make me sick” “Just go back to Wuhan, wherever you come from” “Been holding this in I can no longer be calm” “Put a mask on your mouth I’m stomping you out with these shoes that were made by you” If you saw the Bleed and all the  Creeps on the streets Would you reach out or the rather  Turn the other cheek Everybody be like “Me won’t think differently” It gets funny Now we in the zombie scene Killing each other before the skin turns green Fear-mongering Now they be partying True colors surfacing  when the world’s suffering As we speak disease accelerates Exactly the excuse They use to spread the hate Mind is what it usually contaminates Look into their eyes That’s where you find the real plague Infecting the weak minds to discriminate Spreading faster than bacteria for sickness’ sake Why you gotta put a tag on it in the first place Don’t w


Today there is fear There is hurt There is isolation And there is a sickness we can't ignore A disease that affects every one of us “Stay back,” we say jokingly under our masks Longing lingers behind the words Longing to comfort our worried families Longing to see our friends Longing to hug and kiss our grandparents But we can’t Hugs and kisses turn into weapons Our homes into shields from the world Whether we want to hide or not With this time that feels like a waste People are slowing down They are reflecting, pausing Remembering That you don't know what really matters to you Until you can or can’t have it That we don’t have as much control as we had And we are all scared And so we love Or hate Today there is fear, but there is also hope There is hurt, but there is support  from God, from communities, from families There is isolation, but there does not need to be loneliness And there is a sickness we can't ig


Internet, internet why do you exist If you want to know I can make a list Everything is great when the internet is fine We’ve become so reliant for being online  But when it’s down, it’s such a big pain Things come to a stop and people complain When I want you to go, you're just to slow No Instagram or Facebook, emails won't send Stuck with no Wi-Fi, we're at a loose end No sites to visit, no shopping online All I see is the no connect sign No Netflix, no Hulu, no Amazon Prime Throttling the internet is like a crime To Bell and to Rogers, and Cogeco too Your internet is [no signal], and I say [no signal] you! [Bandwidth exceeded]